“It will literally take an act of God to get me out of Texas.”

- Sam Brown

While previously running for office in Dallas, Sam Brown told Texas voters he had “a vested interest in this community and I’m not going anywhere.”

He said “professional politicians…are just looking for the next thing” and claimed “I’m not looking for a lily pad to take a step to the next office.”

After he came in third place in his Texas primary, Sam Brown moved to Nevada, and announced his campaign for U.S. Senate.

Sam Brown lied to Texas voters and he’ll lie to us too. Watch and see for yourself:

“Sam Brown Is Lying”

– Alan Gottlieb, Nevada Globe

Conservative author Alan Gottlieb wrote in the Nevada Globe that Sam Brown is a “desperate primary challenger” who’s “resorted to lying about his record to get attention.”

Gottlieb continues by saying that “Brown is lobbing these false attacks” but that “Nevada conservatives are smarter than Brown thinks they are. Adam Laxalt is the champion we need…”

You can read the entire Nevada Globe article by clicking below.

See The Proof

“Meet The Billionaire Family Behind The Cincinnati Bengals”

– Forbes

Sam Brown says “no one asks who my father is or who my family knows in the halls of power in D.C.” In reality, Sam Brown’s family owns the Cincinnati Bengals and “Forbes values their stake in the team at $2.1 billion.”

And while Brown says he “wasn’t born into power” and claims to be running against “the elites,” he’s actually bankrolled by his billionaire family, who’ve contributed thousands of dollars to his campaign.

In a recent investigative piece, the Nevada Globe uncovered the truth about Sam Brown.

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